Why Cloud 9?

Headquartered in London and first established in 2007, Cloud 9 is the leading authority on eSIMs. It has extensive global coverage across more than 220 countries and agreements with over 560 operators worldwide.

Working with all types of businesses, Cloud 9 is the only eSIM company capable of delivering all five key elements required to design, build and roll out turnkey eSIM-based technologies. The company works with businesses at every stage of the telecoms product lifecycle. From product design to distribution via manufacturing and supplies. We consult with device manufacturers and designers throughout product development, from feasibility studies to lab-testing.

Cloud 9 handles every aspect of designing, embedding and managing eSIMs which, to quote McKinsey & Partners are “a game changer in mobile telecommunications.” We make the deployment of eSIM chip profiles a straightforward, accountable and remotely-managed process no matter what sort of connectivity, location or travel requirements a device might have. And Cloud 9’s eSIM solutions are the first and only in the world to be accredited as fully compliant with GSMA 3.1.

From a hardware perspective, Cloud 9 partners many of the world’s eSIM chip manufacturers.

eSIM bootstrap provisioning

As a full MNO (Mobile Network Operator), Cloud 9 is able to provide its own bootstrap profile on all eSIMs which connects – and can be provisioned with operational profiles – via its own core network. Following its acquisition of the Zynetix product range, Cloud 9 supplies all core network components required by a full MVNO, including HLR/HSS, SMSC, GGSN, GMSC and OCS.

Most importantly, Cloud 9 has developed a remote SIM provisioning platform, connecting to and managing bootstrap profiles across eSIM-enabled M2M and IoT devices. It is compliant with the GSMA’s SM-DP+ (Subscription Manager/Data Preparation) protocol, and Cloud 9 is also working with a GSMA Task Force to define new standards for bootstrap provisioning. Cloud 9’s extensive portfolio of IMSIs – the downloadable core ingredients of an eSIM – can be hosted either on Cloud 9’s own Home Location Register (HLR), or that of our partners.


eSIM operational provisioning

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Cloud 9 has significant experience in providing mobile connectivity to customers and devices with international links. Cloud 9 not only minimizes the challenge of roaming charges, it also minimizes the need of travel-based and internationally-operating companies to physically roam from country to country, opening devices and replacing one physical SIM with another. Cloud 9 impacts not only IoT and M2M connectivity costs, but also the viability of new products at design stage, driving additional revenue streams and customer loyalty.

eSIM Subscription Management

Cloud 9’s eSIM Subscription Management systems are wholly compliant with all 11 levels of both the GSMA’s Subscription Manager – Secure Routing (SM-SR) standard and its 11-stage Subscription Manager – Data Preparation (SM-DP) protocol. Both are explained in detail in the GSMA’s reference document, Embedded SIM Remote Provisioning Architecture.

SM-SR and SM-DP compliance not only guarantees security but also scalability, allowing Cloud 9’s eSIM Subscription Management to grow not only with its customer base but also with its installed base of devices and its variety of operational profiles.

eSIM device testing

Cloud 9 can test and trial GSMA 3.1-compliant eUICC eSIM chips, provisioning via IMSI bootstrap profiles, the deployment – and multiple deployment – of operational profiles and the development and maintenance of subscription management platforms.

Cloud 9 also acts as a partner for achieving GMSA site approval under the Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) protocol and other related procedures such as the GSMA’s Embedded SIM Test Specification and its Function Compliance Program for eUICCs.


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We have, for several years, offered our own global SIM cards and a complete infrastructure to support customers, anywhere in the world. It is possible for our clients to operate their own GSM service in a matter of a few weeks…
Being an MNO, rather than a reseller puts us at the head of the supply chain. It allows customers and partners to benefit from the very best commercial rates and support. We are the only MNO in the European Union specialising in global SIM cards and profiles.