Operational profiles for M2M and IoT

Cloud 9 likens the arrival and benefits of eSIMs and remote provisioning of operational SIM profiles to the game-changing transformations of recent years in the world of music and movies.

In the music world, provisioning of content is now over the air, replacing 100 years of physical formats. In the movie business, provisioning of content has jumped, in a short time, from VHS to DVD and now to streaming.

Vinyl records and DVDs are akin to traditional SIMs in that they require one-to-one, hand-held physical setup and maintenance. Another similarity is that, by their very nature, they contain a fixed, limited set of functionality. eSIM chips change this completely. Provisioning a new operational profile to an eSIM chip is as game-changing to M2M as Netflix is to the film business and Spotify to music.

The business benefits of an M2M device being able to receive an operational profile over the air are considerable. So too are the benefits of having the ability to amend that operational profile, to upgrade it, or even to switch it completely for another.

Time and labour costs are reduced: if a device, or a fleet of devices, needs a new operational profile it can be deployed from one central, remote location. A drag-and-drop, on-screen process potentially replacing hundreds of engineers being sent to open up and adapt IoT-connected products.

Cost savings and enhanced customer experience can also be achieved by gaining flexibility of network operator and tariff. A device manufacturer can switch from the operational profile of one network operator to that of another with ease, to either add functionality or achieve cost savings.

Why Cloud 9?

Cloud 9 has the ability to deploy a wide variety of profiles from mobile operators in every country around the world, allowing IoT device manufacturers – and their users – to quickly and easily adapt to the connectivity landscape of a particular geography. It’s this mobile roaming scenario where Cloud 9 excels.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Cloud 9 has significant experience in providing mobile connectivity to customers and devices with international links. Cloud 9 not only minimizes the challenge of roaming charges, it also minimizes the need of travel-based and internationally-operating companies to physically roam from country to country, opening devices and replacing one physical SIM with another. Cloud 9 impacts not only IoT and M2M connectivity costs, but also the viability of new products at design stage, driving additional revenue streams and customer loyalty.

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Unlike a large-scale IT network – a mobile workforce using laptops, perhaps – an M2M-based network has the added factor that the connectivity element, in this case the SIM, will be in a device for which the user has no technical knowledge.
Going one stage further, the SIM could be completely inaccessible to the user. Further still, the device could be in a remote unmanned location perhaps acting as a sensor or tracker.
But with an eSIM and a sophisticated subscription management system, none of this is an issue.