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Cloud 9 works with businesses at every stage of the telecoms product lifecycle. From product design to distribution via manufacturing and supply.

We consult with device manufacturers and designers throughout product development, from feasibility studies to lab-testing. Contact us to find out more if you are a manufacturer of GSM modem chips or GSM modules, a supplier or distributor of semiconductors or programmable SIM cards, or a manufacturer and/or designer of mobile connected devices.

eSIMs versus traditional M2M SIMs

A common misnomer of eSIM chips is to think of them as virtual equivalents of physical SIM cards found in mobile phones. Mobile phones, mobile operators and indeed mobile customers have traditionally enjoyed physical interaction with their SIM cards. They remove them, replace them, and swap one operators for another’s. But this is rarely possible with M2M SIMs in the Internet of Things.

It’s unlikely that an M2M SIM is easily accessible within an IoT-connected device. And an M2M business ‘user’ might have a fleet of hundreds of devices within their remit, as opposed to one in their back pocket. An M2M SIM could be positioned deep inside a car dashboard, for example. And cars, unlike mobile phones, also pass from owner to owner – and, potentially, from country to country – on a regular basis. Cloud 9 tackles all these challenges and more, with a sophisticated set of solutions which can be accessed in whole or in part.


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Download McKinsey & Company’s report on eSIM technologies, ‘A Game-changer in Mobile Telecommunications’.


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Vinyl records and DVDs are akin to traditional SIMs in that they require one-to-one, hand-held physical setup and maintenance.
Another similarity is that, by their very nature, they contain a fixed, limited set of functionality. eSIM chips change this completely.
Provisioning a new operational profile to an eSIM chip is as game-changing to M2M as Netflix is to the film business and Spotify to music.