IoT challenges

Cloud 9’s experience in eSIMs is unparalleled in the marketplace. As such we are able to tackle many complex operational and technical challenges that designers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers are faced with.

These challenges might include the need for all five key elements to build a turnkey eSIM solution. Equally so, it can be a challenge to access resource and expertise in one or a subset of these elements. Cloud 9 tackles challenges faced by all teams working with eSIMs: from operations to finance, developers to company shareholders.

M2M considerations

From a financial standpoint, key challenges include reducing the cost of change and achieving consistent – as opposed to irregular, unmanageable – costs and billing. Operationally, key challenges include achieving infrastructure independence and becoming network agnostic – and geographically agnostic – with the ability to enable any relevant operational profile.


From a board-level view, eSIM challenges include the need for demonstrable futureproofing, security and flexibility. While from the point of view of developers, challenges might range from the ability to handle a diverse set of applications to the need for products to be able to switch from an embedded local physical SIM to a parallel, embedded eSIM, to say nothing of advice and compatibility testing.

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The business benefits of an M2M device being able to receive an operational profile over the air are considerable. So too are the benefits of having the ability to amend that operational profile, to upgrade it, or even to switch it completely for another.
Time and labour costs are reduced: if a device, or a fleet of devices, needs a new operational profile it can be deployed from one central, remote location. A drag-and-drop, on-screen process potentially replacing hundreds of engineers being sent to open up and adapt IoT-connected products.